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What's that, fli4l? (3.10)

fli4l is a linux based ISDN-, DSL- and Ethernet router distribution which can be operated on hardware based on a 586 CPU with MMX extensions and above.

The required boot media can be created under Linux or Windows. Linux knowledge is not required. A basic knowledge of networks, however, should be existent. Beginners should first take a look at the wiki.

FLI4L is modular. This enables you to create an individual router with varying functionality. For example packages to connect networks over the Internet using encryption (VPN), filtering potential dangers when surfing using proxies or running fli4l in a virtual machine (XEN) is possible with ease. In addition, fli4l can easily be extended with your own packages. However, basic knowledge of Linux/Unix and reading the developer documentation is a precondition here. These extensions can then be placed in a central database.

fli4l can easily be installed on hard drives, memory cards or CDs.

Have fun with fli4l!

The fli4l-Team


fli4l is a licensed under the GPL V2 open source project.