1.1 Introduction

fli4l is a Linux-based router, capable of handling ISDN, DSL, UMTS, and ethernet connections, with little hardware requirements: an USB stick used for booting, an Intel Pentium MMX processor, 64 MiB RAM as well as (at least) one ethernet network adapter are completely sufficient. The necessary boot medium can be created under Linux, Mac OS X or MS Windows. You don't need any specific Linux knowledge, but it is definitely helpful. However, you should possess basic knowledge about networking, TCP/IP, DNS, and routing. For developing your own extensions exceeding the basic configuration, you will need a working Linux system as well as Linux skills.

fli4l supports various boot media, among them USB sticks, hard disks, CDs, and last but not least booting over the network. An USB stick is in many respects ideal: Today, almost every PC can boot from it, it is relatively cheap, it is big enough, and installing fli4l onto it is relatively easy under both MS Windows and Linux. In contrast to a CD it is writable and thus additionally able to hold non-volatile configuration data (as e.g. DHCP leases).

Last but not least, the client utility imonc exists for controlling the router and for displaying the router's state. This tool is available for MS Windows (windows/imonc.exe) and also for Linux (unix/gtk-imonc).

And now ...

Have fun with fli4l!

Frank Meyer and the fli4l team

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