1. Introduction

fli4l is a router capable of handling ISDN, DSL, and ethernet connections, which is based on Linux. It only requires one floppy disk for being run. Hardware requirements are low: A PC with an Intel i486 processor and 16MiB RAM is perfectly sufficient.

The necessary boot floppies can be created under Unix, Linux, or Windows. You don't need any specific Linux knowledge, but it is possibly helpful. However, you should possess basic knowledge about networking, TCP/IP, DNS, and routing. For developing your own extensions exceeding the basic configuration, you will need a working Linux system as well as Unix/Linux skills.

Since version 2.0, fli4l supports other boot media beside floppy disks. This allows you to install software packages on the fli4l router which exceed the size of a floppy disk. However, before you start to setup the router using a hard disk or a Compact Flash card, you should have configured and tested a base installation using a floppy disk. Most of the optional software packages also work together with a pure floppy setup, such that using a mass storage device (like a hard disk) is only reasonable if you intend to install the complete software repository available for the fli4l. It is also possible to run fli4l from a CD.

Last but not least, the client utility imonc exists for controlling the router and for displaying the router's state. This tool is available for Windows (windows/imonc.exe) and also for Linux (unix/gtk-imonc).

And now ...

Have a nice time with fli4l!

Frank Meyer email: frank@fli4l.de

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