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The weekly tarball provides a snapshot of the current state of the future version 4.0 initated by bug-/ticket-request FFL-506. We would like any dedicated fli4l user to test it and for this purpose we publish one each week during the night from Thursday to Friday.

Anyone who finds errors or malfunctions in this development snapshot may please publish them in the Newsgroup prior to the publication of the next snapshot stating the revision and version number.


The archives provided here are created directly from the   SVN development branch 4.0 testing tested by the fli4l team. Hence, it may happen that functions may not be available or do not work as expected.

The archives are for testing and not intended for production use. It is recommended to provide the stable version as a recover version by the help of OPT_RECOVER in package HD. In case of any problems this enables the router to start a different version and perform a remote update again.

Anyway you should read the Documentation, because FFL-506 significantly changes configuration files.

It is very important to set the variable OPT_IMOND to "no" as it is currently not supported in the multi-circuit system.

For the time being as well RAW-ISDN and ISDN-Callback from package ISDN are not spported by the new circuit system.

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Hinweis zu anderen Architekturen als x86 bzw. x86_64

Hier direkt auf der fli4l-Homepage werden derzeit nur Archive für die folgenden Prozessor-Architekturen angeboten:

  • x86
  • x86_64

Für die Prozessor-Architekturen rpi und sunxi können entsprechende Archive unter den folgenden Link herruntergeladen werden.

Date of last refresh

  14.10.2022 - 04:50 <-> x86
  14.10.2022 - 04:50 <-> x86_64

Download of standard packages

package / archive x86 x86_64
advanced_networking.tar.gz  Download (1.1M)  Download (1.1M)
cert.tar.gz  Download (800K)  Download (800K)
chrony.tar.gz  Download (820K)  Download (824K)
dns_dhcp.tar.gz  Download (3.5M)  Download (3.4M)
dyndns.tar.gz  Download (2.0M)  Download (2.0M)
easycron.tar.gz  Download (720K)  Download (720K)
fli4l-4.0.0-r60785-testing-doc.tar.gz  Download (7.8M)  Download (7.8M)
fli4l-4.0.0-r60785-testing.tar.gz  Download (44M)  Download (44M)
hd.tar.gz  Download (1.2M)  Download (1.2M)
httpd.tar.gz  Download (824K)  Download (824K)
hwsupp.tar.gz  Download (1.3M)  Download (1.3M)
imonc_unix.tar.gz  Download (220K)  Download (220K)
imonc_windows.tar.gz  Download (2.1M)  
ipv6.tar.gz  Download (1008K)  Download (1008K)
isdn.tar.gz  Download (1.4M)  Download (1.4M)
kernel_5_4.tar.gz  Download (24M)  Download (28M)
openvpn.tar.gz  Download (1.8M)  Download (1.8M)
pcmcia.tar.gz  Download (484K)  Download (484K)
ppp.tar.gz  Download (1020K)  Download (1.0M)
pppoe.tar.gz  Download (1.1M)  Download (1.1M)
proxy.tar.gz  Download (9.7M)  Download (12M)
qos.tar.gz  Download (980K)  Download (980K)
src.tar.gz  Download (20M)  Download (20M)
sshd.tar.gz  Download (1.3M)  Download (1.3M)
template.tar.gz  Download (700K)  Download (700K)
tools.tar.gz  Download (11M)  Download (12M)
umts.tar.gz  Download (812K)  Download (816K)
usb.tar.gz  Download (1.1M)  Download (1.1M)
virt.tar.gz    Download (832K)
vpn.tar.gz  Download (928K)  Download (936K)
wlan.tar.gz  Download (2.1M)  Download (2.1M)

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Downloading packages not under GPL

Hint for AVM cards/controllers (Packages "avm-*" and "firmware"):

Drivers for AVM cards/controllers as well as the firmware for (semi-)active AVM cards/controller are not under the GPL.
A suitably adapted kernel from this section is necessary for the use of the AVM cards / controllers
Hint for other cards needing a firmware (Package "firmware"):

Some other cards need a firmware for proper operation as well.
The following drivers need the package:

  • ath6kl_core, ath6kl_usb, ath9k_htc
  • atmel
  • b43, b43legacy
  • brcmfmac
  • carl9170
  • i2400m-usb
  • ipw2100, ipw2200, iwl3945
  • iwl4965, iwlwifi
  • keyspan
  • libertas_cs, libertas_tf_usb
  • mwl8k
  • myri10ge
  • netxen_nic
  • orinoco
  • qlcnic
  • r8169
  • rt2800pci, rt2800usb, rt61pci, rt73usb
  • rtl8192ce, rtl8192cu, rtl8192de, rtl8192se
  • usb8xxx
  • vxge
  • wl12xx
  • zd1201, zd1211rw
    package / archive x86 x86_64
    firmware.tar.gz  Download (32M)  Download (32M)

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    Downloading packages from the OPT database


    In this section you may find packages from the OPT database that are maintained by the fli4l team within the weekly tarball. They will be inserted to the OPT database with the release of the future stable version.

    package / archive x86 x86_64
    accounting.tar.gz  Download (600K)  Download (600K)
    apcupsd.tar.gz  Download (900K)  Download (900K)
    c3surf.tar.gz  Download (1.1M)  Download (1.1M)
    cpanel.tar.gz  Download (752K)  Download (752K)
    cpmvrmlog.tar.gz  Download (676K)  Download (676K)
    dsltool.tar.gz  Download (1.1M)  Download (1.1M)
    faxrcv.tar.gz  Download (716K)  Download (712K)
    lcd.tar.gz  Download (868K)  Download (872K)
    lcd4linux.tar.gz  Download (840K)  Download (848K)
    lnk.tar.gz  Download (888K)  Download (888K)
    mailsend.tar.gz  Download (1.2M)  Download (1.2M)
    mc.tar.gz  Download (1016K)  Download (992K)
    minicom.tar.gz  Download (468K)  Download (472K)
    mtgcapri.tar.gz  Download (1.4M)  
    ntp.tar.gz  Download (1.2M)  Download (1.2M)
    oidentd.tar.gz  Download (708K)  Download (708K)
    ow.tar.gz  Download (2.2M)  Download (2.2M)
    register.tar.gz  Download (520K)  Download (520K)
    rrdtool.tar.gz  Download (1012K)  Download (1012K)
    samba_lpd.tar.gz  Download (11M)  Download (11M)
    usercmd.tar.gz  Download (672K)  Download (672K)
    vbox.tar.gz  Download (1.3M)  Download (1.3M)
    wol.tar.gz  Download (564K)  Download (564K)

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    Downloading packages currently under development

    package / archive x86 x86_64
    checkmk.tar.gz  Download (292K)  Download (292K)
    ifrename.tar.gz  Download (560K)  Download (560K)
    joe.tar.gz  Download (444K)  Download (436K)
    muninnode.tar.gz  Download (12K)  Download (12K)
    rsync.tar.gz  Download (184K)  Download (192K)
    squid.tar.gz  Download (3.3M)  Download (3.2M)
    ucarp.tar.gz  Download (372K)  Download (372K)
    yaps.tar.gz  Download (816K)  Download (820K)

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