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What can fli4l do for you? (3.10)

In General:

  • A modular design allows individual configuration
  • Checks of configuration syntax and semantics in order to avoid obvious misconfigurations
  • Easy remote update
  • Execution of commands / procedures based on telephone calls (eg dial-up)
  • Networked imond server with least cost routing monitoring and controlling functions
  • Networked telmond server to display incoming phone calls
  • Windows / Unix / Linux client imonc interfacing imond and telmond
  • Creation of boot media on Linux and Windows
  • Support for various boot media such as Hard drive, CD-ROM, Compact Flash, DoC, network
  • Serial Console


  • Mapping of WAN interfaces to so-called circuits
  • Parallel operation / routing of DSL, UMTS and ISDN Circuits possible
  • Least-Cost-Routing: automatic provider selection based on daytime (ISDN only)
  • Display / calculation / logging of connection times and costs


  • Stateful packet filter supporting
    • IP masquerading
    • Port forwarding
    • DMZ
    • Logging


    • Roaring Penguin PPPoE driver
    • Kernel basied PPPOE for better performance
  • Support for AVM cards (several Fritz poducts)
  • USB devices
  • PPTP/XDSL for DSL connections in Austria


  • Up-to-date HiSaX drivers: support for more than 39 card types
  • Support for AVM cards (several Fritz products)
  • Multiple ISDN connection options: in/out/callback, raw-ip/ppp
  • Channel bundeling: automatic bandwidth adjustments or manual adding of the 2nd ISDN channel using the Windows / Unix client

Additional Program Packages:

  • OpenVPN providing encrypted connection of networks over the Internet
  • SSH login
  • WLAN connections using WEP / WPA / WPA2
  • Mini webserver for status display and operation
  • PCMCIA support
  • Configuration of ISA-PNP cards, isapnp tools
  • Configuration of the serial interface
  • Emergency system for remote maintenance via ISDN
  • Support of LCD displays displaying connections and transfer rates
  • PPP server/router over serial interface
  • ISDN modem emulation over the serial interface
  • Print server using the lpr/lpd protocol
  • Access to internet time servers to synchronize system time

Technical Informations:

  • Linux kernel 3.14.x
  • Linux-XEN-domU kernel 3.14.x
  • µClibc
  • Netfilter / Iptables based packet filter
  • dnsmasq as a local DNS and DHCP server
  • Recent drivers for network cards: support for more than 40 card families

Hardware Requirements:

  • at least a 586er CPU with MMX Extensions
  • 64 MiB RAM
  • Ethernet network card(s)
  • ISDN: HiSax supported ISDN card (Type 1-39) or AVM ISA / PCI / USB