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  • Extensible, can be perfectly suited to your needs
  • Create the bootable floppy disk on Unix, Linux or Windows
  • Supports 1680KB floppy disks
  • Update your system using the graphical client imonc on Windows and Linux
  • Local DNS and DHCP servers
  • Up-to-date networks interface drivers: Supports more than 40 different types
  • Network-enabled imond server for monitoring and remote administration
  • Network-enabled telmond server for monitoring incoming phone calls
  • Execute commands on incoming phone calls (e.g. activate dial-in)
  • Windows / Unix / Linux-Client imonc with support for imond and telmond


  • Consistent interface to all WAN-interfaces using circuits
  • Parallel use / routing of ISDN and DSL circuits
  • Least-Cost-Routing: automatically select a provider based on time and day (only ISDN)
  • Display / calculation / logging of connection intervals and costs


  • IP-Masquerading incl. stateful packet filtering with powerful configuration
  • Flexible logging of access of certain ports
  • Supports IP-Masquerading and Port-Forwarding


  • Roaring Penguin PPPoE drivers, featuring Dial-on-Demand (can be disabled)
  • PPTP for DSL connections in Austria (EXPERIMENTAL)
  • Supports AVM-DSL cards


  • Up-to-date HiSaX-driver: Supports more than 37 different types
  • Support for AVM-ISDN cards
  • Multipe ISDN connection types: in/out/callback, raw-ip/ppp
  • Channel bundling: automatic bandwith regulation or manual activation of second channel using Windows/Unix client
  • optional IPX routing

Additional packages

  • OpenVPN to connect networks encrypted over the internet
  • SSH login
  • WLAN support incl. WEP / WPA / WPA2
  • Mini-Web-Server for status display and management
  • PCMCIA support
  • Configuration of ISA-PNP-cards: isapnp tools
  • Configuration of serial interface
  • Emergency system to enable remote debugging over ISDN
  • LCD display as monitor: Display of connection and transfer rates
  • PPP server/router over serial interface
  • ISDN-Modem-Emulator over serial interface
  • Print server (Samba) over SMB- and lpr/lpd protocol
  • Accessing time servers on the network

Hardware requirements:

  • 486 CPU, at least DX2/66
  • 12 MB RAM
  • Ethernet network interface cards
  • ISDN: ISDN card supported by HiSax or an AVM card
  • floppy disk drive